For Non Profit Organizations

Consulting & Bookkeeping Support

Tracking the finances for a Non-Profit Organization takes a special level of knowledge and consideration. Regular accounting software isn’t set up for the specialized functional expense reporting necessary.

Whether you’re looking for a review of your current processes or are starting fresh, it’s important to work with a team that knows Non-Profits from the bottom up! Let’s get your financial data into an accurate, timely, and useful state.

QuickBooks Online

Accounting Support for Non Profits

New Account File Setup

Your non profit is brand new and you’re not sure of where to start on keeping track of your finances. (Or, you’re ready to make your books more professional).

QBO Retail Edition to TechSoup Conversion

Is your 501c3 organization still paying retail prices for your QBO subscription?

Our team will move your file, ensure all data is backed up and update existing rules/recurring transactions.

Account File Check Up

Is your QBO Account File not up to date? We’ll review your data, make a list of what needs to be corrected and create a personalized plan to fix those issues.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Keep your financial records up to date and Audit-ready.

I have one Question. How can I help you?

You work hard on your business.

Leave the often tedious task of updating your books to a professional so you can concentrate on what you know best.