Barbara Cross LLC, Consulting & Client Advisory Services

Helping You Manage Your Business Finances.

You’re under too much pressure as a Business Owner to waste time fiddling with accounting software.

You know you need better accounting for your business finances, but how? Hire solid bookkeeping support, so you can rest easy knowing your financials are accurate and up-to-date. Together, we’ll make sure you have the necessary information to make strong fiscal decisions in your business!

Where do you need Support?


Bank Reconciliations

Monthly verification that all financial transactions are accounted for with accuracy and tied to your bank statements, is paramount to ensuring that your finances are correct.


Receipt Tracking

Saving your business receipts in a shoebox is last century! We’ll help manage systems to ensure all of your supporting documentation is saved directly in your QBO file, in case it ever needs referencing for an audit.


3rd Party Apps

Do you need QBO App integration support for PayPal, Square, Divvy, CLIO, or others?


Accurate Reporting

Financial Statements delivered regularly to your inbox. You deserve the peace of mind to always know where your business finances stand.


Financial Analysis

Need support understanding your Profit & Loss statement or Balance Sheet? We can provide personalized service to ensure you know what each line stands for, and how it all affects your bottom line.


Cash Flow Forecasting

There’s money in the bank, but will it still be there at the end of the month or quarter? Stay ahead of the cash cycle by using forecasting to make business decisions based on data, not impulse.


Revenue & Expense Recognition

Does your business have deferred revenue that needs to be tracked? Prepaid Expenses such as Insurance or Rent?


Asset Tracking

You need an accurate Balance Sheet to show what your business owns. We can provide accurate tracking of assets, and determination of whether an item should be classified as an asset or expensed when purchased.

We All Need Support to realize our full potential.

Virtual CFO Advising

Non-Profit Accounting Consultations

Monthly Bookkeeping

Small Business QBO Clean-Ups

About Me

I’m Barbara Cross. I Help Small Business Owners Build Their Dreams.

You started a business for a reason – and I’d guess that it wasn’t to be mired down in financial paperwork. You need accurate, reliable financial information to make informed decisions about your business operations, and I’m here to help.

I really enjoy working with Business Owners and Non-Profit Organizations to help them identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current fiscal position.


“Barbara helped me get my small business finances in order and was a HUGE help. She is prompt, very organized, and took the initiative to research a few unique things about my business and revenue stream to help with my reporting and taxes. I enjoyed working with her very much and will be using her again as my business grows…”

Hank Kollross

I have one Question. How can I help you?

You work hard on your business.

Leave the often tedious task of updating your books to a professional so you can concentrate on what you know best.